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95-year old takes her first flight

June 21, 2003

Moultrie - A Moultrie woman took her first flight Saturday at the young age of 95. Flying in a helicopter is for the young, and the young at heart.

Nina Hall says she doesn't like to just sit around and wait, she likes to take off. And take off is just what she did on Saturday for her 95th birthday celebration. "A lot of people think when you get old your just done," says Mrs. Hall, "but I don't feel that way. I like to be going, doing."

Mrs. Hall is a resident at an assisted living home ran by Tommy Green. He says the residents are very special to him, so he likes to do special things for them. Mr. Greene says they are always looking for unique activities for their residents. This time, he decided to have a helicopter take them on a ride over the town.

The helicopter arrived in Moultrie around 11 AM on Saturday, and the rides began. Mrs. Hall says it was the nicest ride she's ever been on, and when asked what she wants to do for her 100th birthday, she says "Take me to ride again."

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