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Mother charged with killing toddlers

June 20, 2003

Sylvester - A 21-year-old mother is now charged with murdering her children. She's accused of setting a fire that took the lives of her two toddlers. The mother is behind bars and relatives say reality still hasn't hit her.

A family picture taken on Mother's Day this year. It shows Tamari Lovett standing behind her two kids, three-year-old Xzavier and two-year-old Sareshia. Lovett's Aunt, Cynthia Young, says, "Now they [police] come and tell us Tamari did it and she's responsible for it."

Young says she'll miss the two toddlers, she calls angels. She explains, "DFACS initially took the kids because of her and her boyfriend were fighting and they placed them back with Tamari."

Lovett regained custody of her two young children in February. Four months later, they are being taken away from her again, but this time they will be buried at Shepard Memorial. Young says, "We didn't only lose two kids, we lost Tamari too because we know in our heart if Tamari is convicted she'll spend the rest of her life in prison."

Lovett is accused of setting a fire to the bedroom in her Sylvester home. Her cousin, Belissa Moye, says, "We don't understand what happened. We love her."

Lovett's two toddlers were trapped inside, they were both found lifeless by the front door. Young says, "She [Lovett] says she did it, but we still love her."

Only three weeks ago, a judge closed the case and DFACS supervision meaning the kids were safe to live with their mom again. Young adds, "She was so sad when they took them away and so happy when they got them back. What happened, I don't know."

Lovett's son and daughter will be buried Saturday at three. Lovett turned 21 in April.

She is in the Worth County Jail charged with 10 counts, including malice murder, arson, involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct. While her kids were in foster care from February 2002 until February this year, she took anger management courses.

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