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Nashville residents speak out on police investigation

June 20, 2003

Berrien County - Nashville residents aren't sure why the GBI is investigating their police captain. "All I know is what I've heard around town, and you can't be sure of anything," said Angie Tucker.

GBI agents say Captain Andy Owen is being investigated after multiple citizen complaints, but won't comment on what those complaints are. Warren Elbrink says he has an idea. "Everybody around here knows he's a harassing officer," said Elbrink. "He's done it to my family too, because he's made his drug dogs jump up on my daughter's car several times, yet never found anything."

Robert McCormick isn't surprised at the investigation either. "I've always heard that he's been rough with people around town, threatening to arrest them and abusing his power," said McCormick.

This isn't the first time a Nashville police officer has been investigated. Last March, former chief Ira Shealy resigned after he admitted having sex with two inmates.

But people in town say they haven't lost faith in their police department. "I think we've got a good chief now, he came up and shook my hand when he first got here, and I think he'll be able to keep things straight," said McCormick.

"They always respond whenever I need them, and I just hope it ends soon," said Tucker. "I've known Andy for a long time and he might have made some mistakes, but still he's a good person."

Captain Owen declined an on-camera interview, but told us he doesn't know why he's being investigated and feels he hasn't done anything wrong.

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