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Don't let your pets give you a disease

Whether it's a dog, cat, snake or even a guinea pig, we all love our pets but the animals with whom we share our homes, can pass along harmful diseases. These illnesses are Zoonatics, and the list is long.

Some of the most common are Ringworm infection, Skabies, Toxoplasmosis, Hookworm infections, Round worm infections and, of course, Rabies.

Micheal Ladson just bought a Burmese Python at a snake show. It may look healthy, but you should always take precautions.  "I've never really had any trouble or heard anything, but I ain't had a chance to take him to the vet, but I plan on having him checked out making sure he don't have anything wrong with him," says Michael. 

 Dr. Ira Roth, an Albany Veterinarian suggests using common pet health care sense like keeping your animals properly bathed and washing your hands after handling your pets. Roth claims"If it slithers, crawls, slides people are ultimately gonna want to keep them in their household. We still see certain diseases in reptiles that are aviodable primarily salmonella infections." 

We only have a bird's-eye view when it comes to detecting many illnesses in our animals. To be safe have your pets checked out regularly, because if our pets are healthy, we're healthy. For more information on zoonatic diseases contact your veterinarian or your local health health department.

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