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Migrant kids learning at camp

June 19, 2003

Moultrie - Southwest Georgia has the largest migrant summer camp in the state. The camp in Moultrie has 492 kids enrolled for the four week program.

Due to language barriers, migrant kids are often catching up on lessons, but the camp gives them a head start to learning.

Summer migrant campers bottled up "tornadoes" at Sunset Elementary in Moultrie. Eight-year-old Alexis Gomez swirls his hand and says, "A tornado going like that." They also captured waves and water spouts. He points at the overturned soda bottle and proudly says, "This is a water spout. We just shake it [bottle] and then water comes out."

It looks like fun, but Gomez is learning. He says, "A tornado when it hits a car, it breaks it and sometimes it makes thunderstorms and all that stuff."

While his parents are at work, he's making a lot of friends at camp. There are close to 500 campers to pick from. Summer camp is only for kids who move every three years across county lines.

Teacher Darlene Reynolds says, "I come here every summer. I've been coming for 12 years now." Reynolds is the 2003-2004 Colquitt County Teacher of the Year.

She says, "I just enjoy working with the children. They learn from me, but I also learn so much about their culture." Reynolds is not fluent in Spanish, but with show and tell she's able to teach.

The happy campers also get out in the nice weather to play and college students are on hand to keep them healthy campers.

The migrant summer camp ends next Friday. Nearly 60 paid teachers and paraprofessionals are working at the camp.

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