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Sumter man survives flood wreck, thanks God

Dennis Crenshaw Dennis Crenshaw

June 19, 2003

Sumter County-- Parts of South Georgia have seen flash flooding this week as well. In Sumter County, more than five inches of rain fell Monday night. Because of all the water, a portion of Lasco-Harvey Road collapsed, setting the stage for a near deadly encounter between man and mother nature.

Around 5:30 Tuesday morning, Dennis Crenshaw turned out of his driveway, and headed east on Lasco-Harvey Road.

Crenshaw says it was a, "Typical morning, I checked the rain gauge that morning, five and a half inches had come in, then I took off for work."

Less than a half mile later, the road suddenly ended-- dropping several yards down, "I said 'Oh, no!' I was too late to do anything. It was foggy morning, my windshield was fogged up and I went into the ditch and hit just like a wall. I was kind of stunned. Things went yellow for a minute, I said 'God I'm dead, I'm coming to see you.' And he let me know I wasn't dead."

The impact broke both of Dennis's legs. But, with water rushing underneath the truck, he knew he had to get out. He managed to escape through the passenger side door and pull himself onto the top of the truck. That's when he saw headlights.

"I looked up and saw the front of that truck coming. God pushed me off into the bed of my truck and I had a little space right there. That truck came crashing on my truck." This is the truck that landed on top of Crenshaw. But amazingly, he was not hurt. He was trapped in a small space in the bed of his truck. A neighbor saw the accident and alerted police.

His wife, Marjorie, drove to the scene, "My first flashback was seeing that truck and the water coming up on it, and thinking there's is no way he made it, no way, I knew that I lost my husband that morning." It took three hours for rescue workers to cut him out of the wreckage.

Now, Crenshaw is convinced it was only by the grace of God he survived, "I've been on a spiritual trip lately. I tell you what He's got something for me, I don't know what it is." Whatever it is, Crenshaw is thankful to be alive.

The driver of the other truck, William Fulford, was treated for a few bumps and bruises. Dennis Crenshaw will likely have to undergo several surgeries on his fractured legs. He hopes to be able to walk again by December.

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