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Baptists concerned with AIDS victims, same-sex marriage

June 19, 2003

(Phoneix-AP) -- The Southern Baptist Convention has approved resolutions denouncing same-sex marriage and prejudice against Jews, while expressing concern for people with AIDS.

But the nation's largest Protestant denomination also said yesterday it opposes the distribution of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS; they say abstinence education programs promoting  "a Biblical view of sexuality" would be more effective.

The resolutions, approved on the last day of the SBC's annual convention are not binding on individual churches but are meant to express the denomination's opinion. The denomination also reiterated its support for the U.S.-led war on Iraq and asserted its members right to proclaim Christianity as the only path to salvation.

They affirmed their opposition to same-sex marriage and called on all judges and public officials to do the same.

The resolution read "Legalizing same-sex `marriage' would convey a societal approval of a homosexual lifestyle, which the Bible calls sinful and dangerous."

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