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Diving into the future

June 18, 2003

Moultrie- At seventeen, Amber Price is already an accomplished diver. But nothing could prepare the Jacksonville, Florida native for what she saw upon arriving in Moultrie to train this summer at the Moss Farms Aquatic Center. "The first day I was here I was so scared, oh my gosh I was so scared. I couldn't do anything, Ron was like 'Amber calm down, calm down,'" Amber Price said.

Moss Farms diving coach Ron Piemonte says that reaction is typical among visitors, because the brand new six thousand square foot dry-land facility is like none other. "We have the best diving equipment all with overhead belt spotting, which enables you to teach kids how to do aerial somersaults and twists before they ever do it over the pool, which is great. We also have an in-ground landing pit which is exactly the same as what they have in most gymnastics centers."

And it's that diving pit that not only provides the most fun, but also the toughest workout.  "The hardest part about working in the pit is climbing out," Piemonte said.  Hannah Moore is one of the fortunate few to have the new facility right in her hometown and she says in just the three short weeks it's been open she can already tell a difference in not only her diving but also her teammates. "It's really made a difference on everybody's diving because their hurdles have gotten better and their tumbling skills have helped the somersalting and stuff like that," fourteen year old Hannah Moore said.

And for a program that is famous for producing top divers, this newest addition can only mean the Moss Farms Diving Tigers will be at the peak of their sport for years to come.

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