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Author Changes Lifestyles

June 18, 2003

Albany - The Southern Baptist convention has a new initiative to convince gays that they can become heterosexual. The initiative is for Baptists to reach out compassionately to gays, saying criticism of homosexuals prevents them from coming to the church for help.

Bummi Anderson is a former lesbian, turned preacher.  She preaches at Rhema Word International Ministries.  

Bummi says her hope is that Baptists will treat homosexuals with compassion.  "The first thing they would do, is after those people come to them, perhaps they will love them, not beat them up, not mistreat them," Bummi says, "but love them and out of that relationship in the body of Christ, then deliverance and healing can come.

Bummi is the author of Out of Darkness, Into His Marvelous Light, a book about her struggles to turn from homosexuality.

Christian Corner will be hosting a book signing for Bummi this Saturday from 1PM-4PM.

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