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Swimming lessons can save lives

June 18, 2003

Albany - Before they can walk, children can learn to swim. And, swim instructors at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany say parents should put their children in swimming lessons as soon as they can.

Six-year-old Shadondria Bradley loves swimming at the Boys and Girls Club's pool. "Swimming is easy," said Bradley. She and her younger sister, Shamaya, aren't scared of swimming in the packed pool.

"It's important for them to learn to swim, and maybe they can save a friends life someday," said the girls' aunt Charlene Hooker. Hooker came for Columbus to watch her nieces learn to swim - a skill she didn't learn until she was 20 years-old. "It's definitely harder to learn when you're older. At 20, I was still sacred, but these kids aren't sacred. It's easier for them to learn."

Swim instructor Elbernell King agrees and says even infants can learn to swim. "If they're ready, they can swim. Parents shouldn't hold their kids back," said King.

Ten swimming lessons at the Boys and Girls Club cost only $5.00 - a small price to pay for a skill that can save your child's life. You must be five years-old to take swimming lessons at the Boys and Girls club, but the YMCA offers lessons for three year olds.

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