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Severe blood shortage still on-going

June 18, 2003

Albany-- In spite of appeals for blood, the shelves at the Albany Red Cross are still nearly empty.

Phoebe Putney Hospital employees gave blood at a Red Cross Drive this afternoon. Phoebe, like other hospitals in the region, is not getting its entire blood unit orders filled right now. That's because the Red Cross has only a half day supply of O-negative blood--the universal blood type.  Ron Fraser, who donated blood today and does so often says, "Yeah, I ask people to give. A lot of people are scared of the needle more than anything else it doesn't hurt for just about 15 seconds the stinging goes away, its is pretty easy to do."

Since our story on the blood shortage aired Monday, some people have come to the Blood Bank on Dawson Road to give blood. But, Red Cross workers say the response was far less than they've had in the past.

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