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Consolidation costs T'ville jobs

June 18, 2003

Thomasville-- Another southwest Georgia textile company announces hundreds of layoffs. Warner's in Thomasville blames layoffs on weakened economy and challenging retail environment.

Warner's is a fabric cutting facility for intimate apparel, and has been in Thomasville for 54 years.

Warner's parent company, Warnaco , told employees yesterday their plans to consolidate and cut back. Out of 270 employees, 215 will be laid off by the end of the year. Warner's has two buildings in Thomasville, but the smaller facility will shut down. The remaining 55 employees will work out of the main building on Martin Luther King, Junior Drive.

The cutbacks are not a surprise to Downtown Development officials.  "No community wants to see 215 people lose their job, so that's definelty a negative," said Mainstreet Director Sharlene Celaya. "The positive is we are a community that has a lot of industry and we were anticipating seeing the cut and sews go out as we've seen throughout the state and throughout the country."

Another longtime textile company in south Georgia recently announced a shutdown. Three weeks ago, Darwood Manufacturing Company in Pelham decided to close by July 30th. The shirt making company will lay off 180 people.

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