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Toddler dies in wading pool

June 17, 2003

Albany-- Frantic neighbors tried to revive the child but couldn't. The one year old boy drowned in about two inches of water.

When he toddled over to a wading pool, he appearently leaned over to touch the water and the side collapsed. He was found face-down in the shallow water.

The warm, spring afternoon was pierced by screams. "They were screaming. We went over to saw what went on and apparently the young one had fallen in the pool," said Neighbor Thomas Tuten.

One-year-old Kennedy Jordan Jackson needed help immediately. "I seen the baby laying on the floor. He was just laying there unconscious."

They did what they could. "We worked with him," said neighbor Gwen Tuten. "We had the ambulance on the phone."

Neighbors called on their CPR skills they learned years ago. For several minutes, the Tutens and a by-stander tried to revive the toddler. "We did get one breath, though. I got one."

More work and minutes later "And he got one." Two breaths of life in a lifeless body when paramedics arrived and took the toddler to the hospital.

An inflatable, backyard swimming pool the family bought three weeks ago that had a few inches of water, barely enough to wade in, pulled an innocent life from family, friends and a neighborhood.

 The child's mother had left him in the care of his grandmother. Investigators say a five year old child had opened the door and let the toddler outside.

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