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Murder suspect makes odd request

James Cutts James Cutts
^James Cutts Mugshot ^James Cutts Mugshot

June 17, 2003

Albany - An Albany man, wanted for murder, turns himself in, but not before making a phone call to Newscenter 10.

James Lorenzo Cutts asked to talk to us on Tuesday just minutes before he surrendered. He and two others are accused gunning down 25 year-old Marcus Brown of June 2, 2003.

In a park less than a mile away from the Dougherty County parole office, Cutts claimed his innocence. "I don't even know Marcus Brown, I definitely didn't murder him."

Cutts says he had nothing to do with an armed robbery that ended with the murder of Marcus Brown at an apartment on South Madison. But he, 37 year-old Derrick Wright, and 30 year-old Roderick Wright are accused of gunning down Brown as he ran away from them in the parking lot.

"I believe in God and would never murder anyone," said Cutts. "I'm turning myself in because I don't want my mom and my family to suffer."

Cutts served 12 years for aggravated assault and burglary. Just three months after being released from prison, Cutts turned himself in to his parole officer just minutes after our interview. "Being on the run is worse than being in prison. At least you get a meal in prison."

More than a dozen family members and friends stood by his side as he surrendered. Cutts asked to be paid for the interview, we refused. We don't pay for interviews.

Now, Cutts is in the Dougherty County jail and no bond has been set yet. He's charged with armed robbery, murder, burglary, and aggravated assault. As is, Roderick Wright who remains on the run.

Albany Police say he's armed and dangerous and you should call them if you have any information. The third suspect, Derrick Wright, was arrested over the weekend and faces the same charges.

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