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Sumter road floods, surprising drivers

June 17, 2003

Americus-- A portion of a Sumter County road was washed away in a sudden downpour, surprising two drivers.

A small river is rushing under what was Lasco-Harvey Road. A nearby pond flooded in a torrential rain storm overnight. The dam didn't break, but the waters flowed over and around it. The sudden rush of water caused the concrete to collapse.

49-year-old Dennis Crenshaw of Americus drove his truck into the ditch early Tuesday morning. When he tried to escape through the back window, an Americus Times-Recorder delivery truck drove into the ditch.

Sumter County Sheriff Robert Ingle says, "Thank goodness the way it landed, the gentlemen was in a vacant area in the bed of the truck and was not injured by the truck on top of him." He was pinned in and EMS had to use the jaws of life to extract him from the vehicle.

Two EMS workers suffered minor injuries in the rescue. Both Crenshaw and the news truck driver are being treated for injuries at the Sumter County Regional Hospital. A portion of the road is closed while repairs are underway.

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