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Reclassification raises the stakes

June 16, 2003

Albany-City rivalries and region championships will take on whole new meanings for three of the Albany high schools starting in the 2004 school year.

Dougherty, Westover and Monroe have all been grouped in Region 1-AAA under the new reclassification alignments for the 2004-2006 school years. Albany High will however remain in region 1-AA. The last time all three schools played in both the same classification and region was four years ago before Westover dropped down to AAA and Dougherty and Monroe remained in AAAA.

According to Dougherty County Athletics Director Johnny Seabrooks not only will the new region put more emphasis on a city championship, but it will also make the battle for a region title more competitive.

"Not only does it make it competitive in the city, it makes it competitive in all sports for the region championship. All regions give all-sports trophies that teams really go out and work hard for. So now we're competing each week as we compete against one another as we have inter city rivalries, we're competing to win a region championship. And that's going to be exciting I think for all of the sports," Seabrooks said.

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