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Prevent beetles from attacking pine trees

June 16, 2003

Albany - Rain may be bad for pecan trees, but it can keep pine bark beetles away. 

Dougherty County residents haven't reported many beetle problems, but some trees have been infected by Ips Engraver Beetles. Those beetles infest and attack severely stressed trees like those with root damage.

Foresters say herbicide is also a big problem, it stresses the tree which is an invitation for beetles. Senior Forester, Chuck Norvell, says, "Weed and feed is a fertilizer and herbicide mix and if you put out too much the roots of a tree can go out a long way. As a rule of thumb as far as the tree is tall, so they can take in a lot of that herbicide. It's real tricky to get the right amount out."

Southern Pine Beetles attack weakened and healthy trees, mainly on plantations.

Black Turpentine Beetles attack trees damaged by heavy machinery and lightning struck trees.

If you have questions about herbicides call your local Extension Agency. For beetle problems call the Georgia Forestry Commission.

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