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Ordinance makes businesses clean up

June 16, 2003

Sylvester- A new city ordinance prohibits garages and repair shops from storing cars and broken appliances outside their businesses. Several businesses have already been cited and received letters ordering them to clean up their property within 30 days.

Some business owners refused to comply and now have been ordered by a municipal court judge to clean up.

"I sat in municipal court and saw that these four happened to be sentenced. No, they've had more than adequate time, probably 3,4, 5 months and the judge wasn't happy and he gave them a pretty severe sentence. So, yeah, I look forward to the council meeting tonight," says city manager, Jim Dinley.

Four of the businesses owners cited have asked to address the city council Monday night and plead their case. City manager Jim Dinley says he can already see the difference the ordinance has made.

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