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BRAG riders roll into S. GA

June 15, 2003

Thomasville- Nearly 2,000 bikers riders rolled into Thomasville Sunday afternoon after a 54 mile ride from Bainbridge. This year there are BRAG riders from 35 states and all age groups.

"The most exciting thing about it is that you have a lot of fun and you get a lot of exercise," says eight year old Ike Grine.

This is Ike Grine's second year riding in BRAG with his grandparents.

"I think this is a special event for Ike to enjoy with us, so as he matures and grows he will have this as his memory, and we get to have him and enjoy him for a whole week," claims Grine's grandmother Betty Murphy.

Others BRAG participants say they want to make the event a family affair as well.

"I see the little boys like that and I'm kind of jealous because I have little children and I'm hoping that one day we can make it a family thing too because most of these things I do take me away from my family," explains Scott McGee.

But for others the trip through South Georgia brings them a little closer to home.

"I'm from Quitman, so its been a long time. My grandparents live in Colquitt, Georgia. So, we came through a lot of these towns when I was growing up to go back and forth to my grandparents house, so this has been kind of fun for me to get back in my hometown area," says Cindy Styles.

Other riders say even though they aren't used to the South Georgia heat, the scenery and hospitality they get along the way takes their minds off the temperatures.

The riders will make 6 more before their journey ends in St. Mary's on Saturday. Monday they will travel through Merrillville, Pavo, Quitman, before they spend the night in Valdosta.

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