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Kids In Hot Cars

June 15, 2003

Albany - Every year children die as a result of being left in hot cars. The temperature is rising, and although summer isn't officially here, it is well on the way. When temperatures begin to heat up, leaving your child in the car for just a brief amount of time could be deadly.

Major David Bullington of the Leesburg Police Department says it's not only dangerous to your children, it's also illegal. "It's too dangerous to leave the kids in the car," says Bullington. "Especially when it's hot like this. Even if you leave your car running with the air conditioning. Your car could cut off, your air conditioner could cut off. And it wouldn't take long for the kids to dehydrate. Besides that, it's against the law.

Parents sometimes assume children have gotten out of the car without looking in every seat. If you have children as passengers, make sure to check all seats before you leave the vehicle.

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