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Dads compete in Father Factor

June 14, 2003

Albany- South Georgia's most fearless fathers didn't show any signs nervousness as they got ready to eat an entire plate of super spicy hot wings, except for the look of intense concentration on their faces.

The dads devoured wing after wing in the first round of the Cumulus Broadcasting and Lowe's Father Factor competition, but only 6 could advance to round two.

"They didn't tell I had to just hold them. I was thinking you had to eat them, so I'm trying to eat them and everybody else is just swallowing and holding them in their mouth. That ain't right. But that's what happens."

Round two. Two by two the remaining dads test their skill with the drill. The first to get all ten nails in will move on to the next round.

"I wasn't that hard at all. I work in the hardware department at Home Depot, so that was pretty easy. Kind of a gimme on that one," admits Jaime Fowler.

Round three. Dads took turns wrapping a pudding filled diaper and tossing it over their shoulder. The three farthest flung diapers won the dads a spot in the finals.

But the last round proved to be a little tougher for the fathers. Ten minutes to assemble a grill. No tools and no instructions.

The winner an excited Jim Russell, who already has plans for all his prizes.

"This I'm going to keep and I'm going to give my son the oldest one the one I've got, which is also a DeWalt," says Russell as he holds his new DeWalt power drill. "My oldest daughter gets this grill, and I'm going to give my youngest daughter the recliner," he adds.

Win or lose, these men say the Father Factor competition made for the best father's day ever.

Dad's if you think you've got what it takes to win, you have a whole year to beef up. Organizers say they plan to make Father Factor an annual event. Mother's look out for Mommy Factor next year too.

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