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Huge Flags line I-75

June 14, 2003

Unadilla - Saturday is the two hundred and twenty sixth anniversary of the stars and stripes. Flag day is celebrated all over the county. Flags are on t-shirts, visors, and now --four house-sized flags line I-75.

City councilmen and merchants in Unadilla put their heads, and a lot of money together to erect four 1800 square-foot flags. The flags cost more than $1700 each.

Clint Brannen, organizer of the process, says it's a small price to pay in order to honor all that our armed forces do.

"I didn't feel like the flag got the recognition that it should," Brannen said. "Looking at TV, you see all those people over seas burning the flag and we just wanted the people to know that we're proud of our flag and we wanted to let it show."

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