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Tools top dad's wish lists

June 13, 2003

Albany- Let's face it, almost every dad has gotten the tractional tie for Father's Day, and they say it's getting old.

"I can just about tell you what I'm going to get every father's day, or my birthday, or Christmas its about the same thing," say Ronny Bryan.

So what do dad's want this year?

"A new corvette would be nice," laughs Bryan.

And if you can't afford a brand news sports car.

"Anything that has the word tool after it, power tools, pressure washers, drills," says Store Manager Mike Hopkins.

He says Lowe's is offering dozens of Dad's Day discounts store-wide on everything from drills to grills. For those who can't decide on what to buy, gift cards are a favorite. The store will sell hundreds by the end of the weekend, but home improvement isn't on every father's mind.

"Let them know I'm special. Women like the real emotional gifts, but dads need that too. We need that hug, we need that warmth. Sometimes get us a teddy bear, it means a lot it really does," exclaims Alford Jackson.

Still lots of dads will be getting some kind of tool this year which will probably get more use than all those ties hidden in the back of closet.

Mike Hopkins says Father's day is second only to Christmas in money making holidays at Lowes.

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