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Father and son work side by side

June 13, 2003

Moultrie - Father's Day may not be about gifts, but spending time together. We found a father and son team who spends most of their time side by side. The son has been helping his dad cook ever since the boy started walking.

Today wasn't bring your son to work day. This son already works two jobs in Moultrie with his dad. The 16-year-old says, "We come here and cook, early in the morning. We sell meat to the public and make barbecue sauce together."

J. Lacey looks up to his dad. Kem Lacey started teaching him how to cook when he was only two. Mr. Lacey says, "It's hard to realize he's grown from a curly headed fellow following me out to the barbecue pit and now he's able to drive and go do his own thing."

From barbecue pit doors, to dresser drawers. J. laughs, "I like to work with him, if he pays me good." J's dad also taught him how to build custom furniture at Lacey Builders, a family business. Mr. Lacey says, "Very important. That's a lot of problems in today's world. Fathers are not with their kids, so I think that's why they have so much trouble with them."

The teaching never stops. J. explains, "He's been teaching me how to drive, what not to do and what to do."

The father and son were featured in a 2001 Southern Living magazine. But, you can see their picture on shelves right now in this Southern Living Bar-B-Que book-azine.

Mr. Lacey's brother, Keith, and his son, Josh, also work at the furniture shop in Moultrie.

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