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Campers get colorful

June 13, 2003

Colquitt County - Some creative campers ended the week on a bright note.

These kids at the Colquitt County Arts Center have been learning about painting. Campers visited art exhibits and learned how to paint watercolor landscapes. Nine-year-old, Jessie Hester, says, "You can paint over something you accidentally did and you can be wild with it."

On their last day, they painted ceramic figures. They do art three hours a day. Seven-year-old Brandon Swords, says, "We've been painting and art is fun because all the things you can do with painting. It gets all over the place and you can put it on things."

The Summer Art Camp is funded by United Way. Next week, art campers will learn how to work with clay.

Classes end the week of July 7th, but there are also summer art workshops.

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