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K.B. Horse Camp turns out rodeo pros

June 12, 2003

Lowndes County - KB Horse Camp is turning out a few good cowgirls and cowboys. Camp owner and instructor Kim McGhee teaches youngsters to be masters of the rodeo. "We barrel race, pole bend, goat tie, and have a lot of fun," said Chaney.

The weekdays bring lots of lessons to prepare for the weekend's rodeos. And they're hard work is starting to pay off. In a Florida tournament last week, several riders made it to the finals. "Some of them were in the top eight out of 50 kids," said McGhee.

Eleven-year-old Kayla Farmer took home the trophy in goat tieing. "I got third place the first night and first the next night," said Farmer.

Along with the fun and games of rodeos comes hard work and dedication. The kids work at least 3 hours each day, training and taking care of their horses. "They feed the horses, come out here two to three times a week and practice, and spend a lot of time grooming them, and making sure they're horses are taken care of," said McGhee.

McGhee says being involved in rodeos keeps these kids out of trouble. "Having a horse is a big responsibility and instead of hanging out at the mall every weekend and getting in trouble, they're here taking care of their horses," said McGhee.

This is the first year of competition for the kids. McGhee hopes to take them to at least 15 rodeos by the end of the year.

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