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Police captain subject of investigation

June 11, 2003

Nashville - After multiple complaints were filed against Nashville police Captain Andy Owens, the GBI has launched a preliminary review investigation.  

The investigation was requested by District Attorney Bob Ellis.    "He requested us under his authority to request the GBI to look into allegations that he had received from various sources," says Special Agent John Heinen.  "There were irregularities on captain Andy Owens behalf relating to his duties as a police officer there in Nashville."

The GBI has been investigating Captain Owens since March 21st, which came as a big surprise to Nashville Police Chief Jerry Lipsey.  Lipsey says,  "Some allegations have been made against one of the officers here at the police department. I was not quite aware until yesterday that it had went to the GBI."

Lipsey says he hopes the investigation will be finished within the next few days, so the department can either clear its name or take proper action against Owens.

But Heinen says, "This case could take many turns... Things should begin to speed up now that we're actually conducting interviews to either confirm or deny these things that have come up."

For right now, the Nashville police department is hoping things will soon return to normal.

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