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Sunday alcohol sales may change statewide

June 11, 2003

Albany - The Georgia Supreme Court could repeal some of the state's blue laws. Justices are considering allowing all bars in Georgia to sell alcohol on Sundays, regardless of whether they sell food.

If you're at Club Extreme in Albany on a Saturday night, you never see bartenders pouring drinks past midnight. Bartender, Brian Murphy, says ,"Right now, Saturday nights are our slowest nights because a lot of people in Albany want to go out of town where they don't have to stop drinking past midnight."

That could change. The State Supreme Court is looking at an option to allow all bars in Georgia to sell alcohol on Sundays, even if they don't sell food. Murphy agrees, "I think it would be great, I can't wait for it."

If the Supreme Court passes the Sunday alcohol sales voters will not have a choice. It will be up to bars and restaurants to sell alcohol on Sunday. Murphy says, "There's another bar here in town, Club Insomnia, and they are open all night. They don't have a liquor license, but it's B.Y.O.B. So, when when we close down and stop serving everybody goes over there."

Club Extreme doesn't have plans to open on Sundays, but they would serve past midnight on Saturdays if the Supreme Court allows it. He explains, "Hopefully the same as every other night at four AM."

Owners at Charlie B's in Albany say they would open on Sundays if the law changes.

The state is appealing a February ruling by Fulton Superior Court Judge Marvin Arrington which allowed Atlanta bars to sell alcohol on Sundays. Arrington extended the ruling to all clubs and bars in Fulton County in March.

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