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Drivers not stopping for emergency vehicles

June 11, 2003

Albany -- Albany Police see it all when they are on emergency calls with siren and blue lights flashing. Some people just stop in the middle of the road, others just keep going. some even speed up and try to outrun the emergency vehicle.

 If you don't know what to do when meeting a police car or ambulance, it's a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. An Albany police car with blue lights and siren testing drivers. These trucks don't even think about pulling over. In fact they speed up.

 Lt. Kenn Singleton said "It's very important, that officer is trying to get to that call. But also he has to look out for other motorist and pedestrians."

Again with blue lights and siren wailing, the car in front does not pull over. Instead she continues on until her turn. Lt. Kenn Singleton said "Sometimes the motorist is not paying attention, or they just not familiar with what they are supposed to do."

Albany Police see this everyday as they make emergency runs. A lot of drivers never even notice them. Cpl Hayslip said "they could be on the cell phone, they could carrying on a conversation with someone inside the vehicle. The radio could be up loud, or just plain not paying attention."

 Lt. Kenn Singleton said "A lot of time people have the tendency to panic, or they are not paying attention. Or They may come to a complete stop where they are."

 By Georgia law, you are supposed to immediately yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle. Pull as close as possible to the right side of the road, and come to a complete stop. But most drivers are not doing it.

Lt. Kenn Singleton said "therefore we want everybody to be on the same sheet of music. Whenever they do see an emergency vehicle approaching, we want everybody to know exactly what they need to do."

The fine in Dougherty County for not yielding for an emergency vehicle is 129 dollars for the first offense.

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