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Big beehive causes big headache for Ashburn men

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) –A big beehive is causing a big headache for a couple of people in Ashburn.

They want to cut down an old tree in their front yard, but no one wants to touch the tree because of all the bees.

The homeowners say this is not the first time they have been dealing with these bees. It's the third time, these bees have moved their nest around but this time they chose a location that could potentially be very dangerous.

Kerry Moore and his room mate Zeke Mack want this tree removed from their front yard as soon as possible. "It is real rotten, it's probably about 150 years old," said Eugene Scarberry, with Discount Tree Remover.

But there is one big problem that "hangs" in the way. "I'm scared to get it down, because of the bees," said Scarberry.

Hundreds of bees swarm high up on a branch that hangs into the road. "They might be killer bees for all I know," said Scarberry.

And its causing a huge headache for Moore and Mack. "I'm trying to get some work did around here and I'm having too many problems," said Kerry Moore.

"I just don't come out the door when they coming down I just stay in the house," said Zeke Mack.

Even though the bee hive is high up in the tree the bees are still making their presence known.

Mack says the bees seem to be especially attracted to light. "If you cut your car on and the light comes on the bees come and get in your car," said Mack.

He also removed the light bulb from the front porch. "If the light is shining on the porch they come on the porch, that's why I moved the light off the porch," said Mack.

But his number one concern is the neighborhood kids. "We got children running around so if the thing fall it stings the children,"said Mack.

And he hopes they can get the situation taken care of before anyone gets hurt.

The homeowners say the city told them there was nothing they could do about the limb.

This afternoon I spoke with the city manager and he says he will send someone out to take a look at the hive right away.

He says these situations are determined on a case by case basis.He says if the hive poses an immediate threat or danger the city will try and take care of the nest.

But if it does not pose an immediate threat, it's something the property owner needs to take care of on their own.

Both men say thankfully they have not been stung by the bees yet.

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