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Inspections are tight for truckers

June 10, 2003

Tifton- Thousands of trucks travel along Georgia's roadways every day hauling everything from food to vehicles, and it's up to Department of Motor Vehicle Safety inspectors to make sure their loads are secure.

"We check every actual visible component on the vehicle we can see to make sure it's in a safe operating manner," explains Lt. Johnny Jones.

That also means making sure every load is secured to the truck according to the product's configurations.

"It's a very large concern of ours. I'm not sure the percentages, I don't have any data, but it's not uncommon to find a load that's unsecured," adds Jones.

If a truck is found to have an unsecured load it must be secured before the driver can continue his route. Its also up to the driver to make sure his load is tight even if it's preloaded.

"Sometimes you may have to much weight on the front and you have to move it or the height. Matter of fact the other day I picked up a load that was only 6 inches too high and I had to get up and move some stuff on the top," explains driver Victor Craig.

1,200 to 1,300 inspections like this one a done each month in the Southwest Georgia region. This load was deemed safe and inspectors do all they can to make sure others are too.

Lt. Jones says 30% of drivers and trucks that are inspected in this region are put out of service, meaning they are unsafe for the roadway and must be fixed before they get on the road again.

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