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Mock crime scene investigated at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –Students processed a mock crime scene Tuesday at Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.

The instructor says most of his students enroll in criminal justice classes because of crime shows they see on TV and that there's alot of opportunities in the field.

Students spent the morning investigating a mock crime scene, the scenario, a hit and run. A drunk driver hits a student jogging then jumps out of the truck and leaves the scene. Criminal justice through the years has spurred alot of interest because of crime shows.

"Most of my students get interested by TV," said Wiregrass Georgia Technical College Criminal Justice Program Coordinator Marshall Armstrong.

Here they are collecting and documenting evidence, measuring and casting tire marks to find out what exactly happened.

"The main thing I try to put across to them is that it's not as easy as it looks on TV we can't solve a crime in 30 minutes or even an hour," said Armstrong.

Casey Roland wants to be a probation officer however after this class on criminal investigation she may change her mind.

"Mr. Armstrong may change my idea of that because I thought about going into CSI with this class. It's fun and it's very educating," said Roland.

"Criminal justice is hiring," said Armstrong. "Whereas we've seen a lull in other jobs or industries criminal justice is one of those industries that's still hiring in pretty good numbers."

"Everybody watches CSI Miami and SVU and actually SVU is what inspired me to even go into this course at all and Mr. Armstrong he's just a great instructor," said Roland.

He says every quarter they have a crime scene class and it's one of the most popular classes out at the college.

There's a criminal justice program on all four of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College campuses.

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