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WIld Hog in Sylvester city limits?

By Cade Fowler - bio | email

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) – Not far from downtown Sylvester, where the only pig you'll typically see is outside the local sausage shop, one resident encountered a bit of a problem Sunday night with a pig on the wild side

"It came through the fence and went for the dog food right over there," said Mike Rakaska.

He sprung from his chair in the back yard when the hairy beast came crashing through.

"It made my blood curdle. It made my spine tingle," he said.

With his dogs going crazy, what he believes could only be a feral hog began thrashing around and knocking over dog food bowls.

Unprepared for his late night guest, Rakaska went for the closest object he could find.

"I grabbed the blue blanket and threw it over it," he said.  "The dogs through it was a game. They're pulling on it. It's tusks got stuck in there. I mean this is a tough blanket. You can't cut this thing with a knife," added Rakaska as he showed off the torn blanket.

The wild hog took off and disappeared. But this would-be hog trapper thinks he has a good idea of where it went.

"I think that's it's den," he says while showing off a large hole underneath a chain linked fence.

The hole leads to a thicket in the woods. There are hoof marks in the ground. And the description he gives of the rambunctious beast is spot on.

"This thing is up to my knee. It snarled and it's got a snout, but it's got fur," he says.

An abundance of acorns and lots of disappearing dog food could have attracted the creature.

"I guess he thought he found his home here," says Rasaka.

But he hopes it doesn't take up residence. For now, he's set up plexi-glass over the hole - a temporary to fix to fend off the nocturnal invader.

Next up, a call to D-N-R.

Feral Hogs are abundant in south Georgia.

They're most common in rural areas but sometimes show up in residential neighborhoods.

Experts say one way to keep wild hogs from destroying your flower beds is to put out moth balls.

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