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Schools will soon have option of treated meat

June 9, 2003
Albany-Georgia school systems will soon have to decide whether to start serving ground beef that's been zapped with radiation.

In January, public schools can begin using irradiated ground beef in cafeterias. Irradiation kills insects and e-coli bacteria.

Most likely, the new ruling won't affect Dougherty County School System students this year.

"I know for this year, at least through January of 2004, there isn't any on the plan to be shipped into Georgia," said Stan McWhorter, director of nutrition services for the school system. "We're not sure at this point if Georgia is even going to get any of the beef or not."

School districts will have the option of choosing between irradiated and non-irradiated meat. The World Health Organization supports irradiating meat, but some critics worry it's not safe.

Many foods we eat on a regular basis are already irradiated, including white potatoes and some fruits and vegetables.

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