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Teens led police on chase, over 100 mph in Colquitt County

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Two teenagers led police on a dangerous chase at speeds topping 100 miles per hour during the morning school rush in Colquitt County.

The 16 year old driver ran red lights and raced around traffic. Sheriff's Deputies and Moultrie Police blocked intersections. After a ten mile chase, officers finally used stop sticks to flatten the car's tires. Inside the car, they found a 16 year old boy, a 13 year old girl, two guns and a bag full of change. Police say these two teens ran away from home in Atlanta around 3:00 AM Monday morning, headed for Colquitt County where the driver used to live.

Law enforcement used On Star to locate the vehicle in Norman Park, but when the police chief stopped the vehicle, they took off again. Colquitt County deputies caught the high speed pursuit on dash-camera recorders as two teens blew through red lights at the busy intersection on Highway 319 at Veterans Parkway, sailing through the intersection nearly airborne. Norman Park's Police Chief started the chase six miles earlier just outside the city limits.

"When I tried to make contact with the driver, I got about a foot from the car, the driver took off again," said Norman Park Police Chief, Justin Rutherford.

Deputies blocked intersections, sending the teens in a direction they could control, away from busy school traffic, but into downtown Moultrie. Hart Brown, owner of Three Crazy Bakers, saw the commotion.

"We herd several police officers going by, they were going in two, three different directions, you could tell they were looking for somebody," said Hart Brown, Owner of Three Crazy Bakers.

As the teens approached CVS near 11th Avenue, Moultrie Police were prepared and rolled out a layer of stop sticks.

"We were able to deflate all four tires, one of the tires came off the rim and slowed them down quite a bit," said Rutherford.

That's when Colquitt County deputies and Moultrie Police blocked them in. Inside the vehicle they found a 45 caliber and 9 mm hand gun, taken from the 16 year old driver's parents.

"The driver and the passenger both said they packed the guns for safety measures," said Rutherford.

Four flat tires later police questioned why they ran. Police finally got an answer.

"They said they were having trouble at school and with family and friends in Atlanta where they're from so they were coming back down here where the driver was familiar with some people," said Rutherford.

A dangerous chase, that luckily ended with no one hurt.

Norman Park Police Chief said he would file a complaint against the teen driver, that he'll have to answer to before a Judge because he's a juvenile. In reality he says the teen should be facing at least four felony charges.

The teens were released to their parents custody Monday afternoon.

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