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Changes at the polls

June 9, 2003

Albany-- You can now cast your ballot a week before election day, even if you're not going out of town on election day.

Absentee ballots have been available to voters up to thirty days before an election. But a new state law allows people to vote early without an excuse--even if they will be in town the day of the election.

Dougherty County Elections Supervisor isn't sure if will increase voter turnout, but does thinks the change makes voting more convenient for people. Carolyn Hatcher says, "I'm not sure it will help with turnout. I think people have always come in and said yeah I'm going to be out of town and done this, so I don't know I'm not sure help turnout."

The state bill also allows you to show a current utility bill or a bank statement as a form of identification at the polls.

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