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Dougherty retirees facing insurance hikes

June 9, 2003

Albany-- Dougherty County's early retirees could be taking the biggest hit if proposed insurance hikes are passed.

All active county employees could see a increase in their insurance premiums--as much as 107 dollars per year for a family. But, retirees under age 65 are facing a 55 percent premium increase. Commissioner Brenda Robinson-Cutler admits times are tough, but thinks more can be done by the County to absorb the extra cost, "Times are tough and we have to bite the bullet, but if we don't make our employees happy we will have a tough time because we won't have any employees and employees make the difference."

As it stands under the budget proposal, employees will not be getting any merit raises, but they will get a two-percent cost of living raise. For most employees, the insurance increase will eat into their raises.

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