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S. Georgia has a French Market

June 9, 2003

Ashburn- Ashburn's French Market has attracted visitors from all over the country. More than 70 vendors rent booths in the market and feature everything from handmade crafts to hundred year old antiques. The market employees sell the items for each vendor.

"We're able to provide some of the area artists and craftsmen a place to vend their wares similar to in France or other countries where you go into town one day a week and rent a stall and display your wares," says concept owner, Barbara Coley.

"People from 75, the snowbirds that are going back and forth on 75 stop by as they go down, by as they go back. It's just been wonderful," adds vendor Susan Barbee.

The French Market has been open for a little more than a year and has vendors from all over state.

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