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Pedestrians need to use caution

June 9, 2003

Albany -- 3 pedestrians have been hit and killed by cars while crossing Albany streets. Early Sunday morning an Albany man was killed when struck by a hit and run driver. The driver, who had his drivers license suspended for Driving under the influence, admits he had been drinking before hitting the pedestrian.

Police are urging you to use caution when walking near roads. We set up a camera at South Slappey. Watch this. Within moments people crossing one of the busiest streets in Albany illegally. A little later, A man with a bicycle, also crossing Slappey outside the cross walk. This is the same spot where a man was hit and killed by a car Sunday morning.

About 12:45 Sunday morning 61 year old David Redding was hit by a car driven by Johnny Ware, and killed. The 40 year old Ware drove home before calling Police. He is charged with vehicular homicide and hit and run. Ware admits he had been drinking. Ware's license was suspended for a previous DUI. Now Investigators wait on blood tests to see if he was intoxicated.David Redding is the third pedestrian killed crossing Albany streets in the last ten days.

Albany Police ask that you use caution. Corporal Demetria Gaskins said "There is a law against crossing diagonal. And if it's a two lane highway, a lot of times people don't walk facing the traffic. That is an immediate danger , because if you face the traffic you can see the oncoming traffic."

88 year old Jess Tripp was driving a golf cart across Palmyra Road Thursday when he was hit by a car. He died the next morning.

May 30th Isaac Thorpe was crossing South Jefferson when he was hit by a car and killed.

Corporal Gaskins said "Just as people need to realize that driving while intoxicated is illegal and very dangerous, so is being a pedestrian and being intoxicated and being on the roadway. It's both illegal and dangerous."

 Pedestrians in Albany crossing streets. It's a deadly practice, that has cost three lives recently. Johnny Ware is being held in the Dougherty County jail, charged with first degree Vehicular Homicide.

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