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Boss Lift gives a glimpse at National Guard training

June 9, 2003

Hinesville - Georgia's Army National Guardsmen are showing off combat training missions. "Many people don't realize how big of a role we have in U.S. defense," said Lt. Col. Jim Driscoll.

Nearly 100 South Georgians loaded into a CH47 Shinook helicopter and flew from Valdosta and Albany to Ft. Stewart. It's part of the guard's annual Boss Lift. "We want the public to see what we do when we have to leave our jobs for training," said Major Anthony Wright.

Visitors saw demonstrations on the Bradley Fighting Vehicles and M1A1 Abram tanks. Both of these machines are vital tools in U.S. defense. "To see these tanks coming is a very intimidating feeling," said Master Seargant Joe Shubert. "They were one of the major defense mechanisms used in Iraq."

Onlookers say the event gives them a new appreciation for the guardsmen. "It's tough training," said Tylla Williams. "I really admire what they do and appreciate them very much."

National Guard units hope at a time when their enrollment is decreasing, Boss Lift will not only promote awareness on their duties, but also recruit new members for the guard.

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