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Can a radio show change the world?

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –There's no question that mentors are needed in the community. And the Non-Profit group 'Hip Hop Grows Up' does just that. They have several initiatives that focus on the mindset of using a village to raise a child.

I-Positive Talk Radio is weekly talk show on Saturday that's broadcast on the Internet world-wide. During that hour, problems are discussed, and guests along with callers come up with solutions.

This isn't your normal radio show. "It goes thru out the community not only in Albany, but everywhere around the world, and It's a global show," said ASU Student Antwan Jackson.

During that hour music is played, problems are brought up, and solutions are found. "We bring the most positive sides to Hip-Hop radio to campus. We make it fun, and at the same time we're learning," said Co-founder Talia Ashley. 

There was a lot to learn about their ' Talking White' segment on the show. "I've heard people say you talk white, and having I -Positive Radio bring that up was good for me," said ASU Student Bridgette Martin. 

"We can't take it personal when someone says you're talking white. We discussed that we're simply talking correctly," said Co-founder Cecillia Morris.

They believe people learn or are influenced by radio. "Like if somebody says, Let's go get twitter. Next thing you know everybody is on Twitter," said Jackson. 

"I can name one in Tampa Florida. They take our shows and use them as a training tool to teach their youth programs in the area," said Morris. 

Hip Hop Grows Up is using the radio waves to mentor and teach the next generation. I-Positive Talk Radio has been around for 2 years.

One of their fundraiser's is Pretty in the City coming up Thursday October 7th at the Flint River Golf Course. This golf tournament shoot off will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes awarded. Different celebrities are scheduled to make an appearance.

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