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Woman sleeps in car for two weeks, then drives it home

June 7, 2003

VALDOSTA - Three Valdosta residents are ready for one thing:  to take a bath.  Jim Motes, Crystal Riddle, and Jenne` Wells took part in a two week long battle for a brand new Kia Sophia.

The rules to win the car were simple: Sleep, eat, drink, and live in the car for two weeks. They were each allowed five minute breaks every two hours.  

Jim Motes' wife wasn't thrilled with the idea. Jim says, "She really didn't like it at first, cause we just got married. I got married that Friday, and I had to go sit in the car that Tuesday." 

The contestants had to do more than just live in the car, though. They had to raise money for local charities. The person who raised the most money for their charity would be the ultimate winner.

And when the time came to count all that money: one thing was certain -- Crystal Riddle would be driving home a new car. "I feel great," Riddle said.  "I needed a car. But, I would've been happy for whoever won, but I'm glad it was me."

Her friends are, too, as well as her son, Elijah, who hopes that maybe one day, he can drive mom's new wheels.

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