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Wheat growers begin to harvest

June 6, 2003

Mitchell County- Wheat at one Mitchell County field has been growing all winter, and now it's harvest time.

Though wheat can stand drier conditions than most other crops, the rain has helped. "The yields are turning out pretty good, probably a little better than average, and the quality seems to be pretty good," says Mitchell County Extension Agent, Brad Mitchell.

Mitchell says only about 2,500 acres of land in Mitchell County are used for wheat, compared to about 50,000 for cotton. Still being able to grow and sell a winter product keeps many growers in business.

"They'll grow the wheat crop during the winter and then they'll come in and plant cotton or soy beans or another crop behind it so, it's two crops grown on the same land which helps spread out their cost a little bit," he adds.

Selling the straw left behind also puts a little bit more money in the growers' pockets. Ironically, the rain that helped produce such a good crop is putting a bit of a damper on the harvesting.

Southwest Georgia farmers grow soft red winter wheat. It provides flour for cakes, pastries, quick breads crackers and snack foods. Wheat used for bread is grown in the Great Plains.

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