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Woman thanks Dougherty Co. EMS for saving her life

June 6, 2003

Albany -- 25-year-old Dana Bailey is alive today, because of fast responding paramedics. The mother of four got a chance to thank those Emergency Medical Services workers Friday.

"We want to hug your neck. We're happy this was a positive outcome." But you can stop by the station anytime you want to."

Dana Bailey did not remember the first time she met Harold Jackson and Ronnie Farr of Dougherty County EMS. Dana Bailey said "I had passed out. I didn't remember anything. The next day when I woke the nurses and the Doctor came and explained to me what had happened."

May 1st Bailey started having an asthma attack. Her boyfriend was taking her to the hospital when she stopped breathing. Bailey said "He said he knew he wasn't going to be able to make it to the hospital when I passed out. So he went down there to the EMS on Clark."

Farr said "Husband came knocking on the door, told us he was taking his wife to the hospital, and did not think she was going to make it."

 Jackson said "Found her to be in critical condition, so we placed her in the ambulance, and began our resuscitative efforts."

Farr said "Our main concern was getting the airway open. Make sure plenty of oxygen was going in. Once we got the airway established we started treating the other causes."

Bailey said "My boyfriend said the man was not going to give up. He just kept on trying to revive me, with my 7 year old daughter standing right there. He said the man told her not to cry because they were trying to work on me."

 Bailey is recovering from her asthma attack, back in school. Thanks to Jackson and Farr. Bailey said "But they never did tell me the gentlemen's names. But if I did know the names I would have stopped down there and thanked them for what they did for me."

We arranged for Bailey to get the chance to meet the paramedics. Farr said "How are you feeling?" Bailey said "all right, better. I want to thank you for what you did for me. Cause I know if ya'll were not there , I would not have made it."

Jackson has been with Dougherty County EMS since 1989. Farr for 3 years. They say helping Bailey is their job. Jackson said "Makes me feel good, makes me feel real good."

Harold Jackson, Ronnie Farr and the other EMS paramedics who treated Bailey have received commendations from Dougherty County for their life saving performance.

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