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Mysterious murder in Cordele

June 6, 2003

Cordele--74-year-old Dicie Walker was found dead inside her apartment Thursday morning by her granddaughter.

At first, police did not notice a suspicious injury to her head. It wasn't until several hours later that a funeral home worker observed a gunshot wound, reportedly made by a very small bullet, possibly a 22-caliber. Investigators are running down a list of suspects, but neighbors say Walker did not have any enemies.

Morris Jones is the long-time maintenance worker at Suwanee Apartments on Seventh Street in Cordele. He describes Dicie Walker as a kind woman, "She kind of kept to herself, she was nice, would always speak to you and everything, she was just a nice person."

Police tape surrounds the small apartment where Dicey Walker lived quietly and cared for her adult daughter with down syndrome. Neighbors say they are simply shocked by her mysterious death. "Quite a few years, we used to live in the country together, picked cotton together, " Georgia Harris has known Walker for many years, but says she hasn't seen much of her lately because she was ill.

"She was already sick, they said she was, I hadn't seen her, I just don't understand who would want to hurt her." Little information is being released, but investigators say there was a minimal amount of blood where Walker's body was found. There are no suspects right now and according to people who knew her it will be hard to find someone who would want Walker dead. Jones says, "Well it kind of shocked me, knowing how could someone do something to a person as good as she was."

One neighbor says she heard Dicie Walker's purse was stolen along with money from a recent social security check, but police would not confirm that information.

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