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Higher crime rates in Albany

June 5, 2003 Albany-The latest stats show crime in Albany increased in 2002, but the crime rate is at its second lowest point in 16 years.

 Last year, there were 178 more criminal reports than in 2001, that's about a four percent increase.

There were fewer murders and aggravated assaults but more robberies and rapes.  A slowing economy and job losses may be to blame for increases in property crimes.

But even when crime is low, you need to be aware of what's going on around you.

"We recognize that the eyes and ears of our citizens are really the heart of crime prevention," said Albany Police Chief Bobby Johnson. "And we always take the opportunities to create programs that will be beneficial to both the police department and the citizenry of our community."

Albany police reported 26-arsons in 2002. Chief Johnson says the department will do more work to stop arsonists.

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