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Blood supplies dangerously low

June 5, 2003

Albany--  The Red Cross is juggling what few units it has between local hospitals.

At the Albany Donor Center, just a handful of units are being shipped out to hospitals. Numbers far below what is needed.

The Atlanta Red Cross notified Albany that there are no O-positive or O-negative units to send them. The Albany branch got an emergency midnight shipment of blood from Savannah this week, but the situation is critical.

"We had a situation the other night when one hospital was down to three O-positives-- that's a frightening thing. One car accident can take a dozen units and there is not enough there to take care of it,"  said Red Cross Lab Tech Dian Swafford.

Swafford says there are people bleeding that need O-negative blood, and they don't even have a one day supply right now.

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