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Albany guns and gangs bring frightened calls to 9-1-1

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –9-1-1 calls reveal a terrifying night of gun violence in Albany.

Albany Police say they are frustrated by the number of young people and gang members who have guns and aren't afraid to use them.

 The night of August 25th is a prime example of the violence. Gunmen opened fire on at least three groups of people. Guns in the hands of teens is a real crime issue in Albany. Police say gang members are burglarizing houses, stealing guns, and selling them on the streets.

A week ago Thursday, nearly a dozen people called the Albany 9-1-1 center to report shootings.

You can hear the terror from Zsadonia Walker's family as bullets hit her home during a drive by shooting, just missing them.

9-1-1 "Albany 9-1-1, what is your emergency?"

Caller - "Send someone to 619 North Davis, because somebody is shooting at us.

9-1-1 "I'm sorry."

Caller - "Send somebody up at 619 North Davis, cause they shooting. They just shot my sister's door."

9-1-1 "You hear gunshots?"

Caller -"They shot on the porch where we were. We got a gunshot on the door."

9-1-1 -"I can't understand you because somebody is screaming in the background."

Caller- "I mean it cut me on my face."

9-1-1 -"Do you need an ambulance?"

Caller- "No."

A couple of miles away 19 year old Nekovious Taylor was very calm as he called 9-1-1 for help, with a bullet wound in his leg.

Caller- "I don't know. It was dark. I was just walking."

9-1-1 "You were just walking and somebody shot you?"

Caller "Yea. They came by and just started shooting. "

9-1-1 "You were just walking?"

Caller "Yeah, it was like a drive by shooting."

Albany Police say they are hearing too many emergency calls for help involving guns and young people. They want to stop Gangs members, sometimes 15 years old or even younger, from getting a gun.

Albany Police Detective Charlie Roberts said "Who has the answers? Guns are stolen, we know that. In burglaries. They are gotten in different means and the people sell them on the streets. We know this to be a fact."

An East Albany man and his friends almost became a gun crime statistic.

green 01--9-1- 1 "Albany 9-1-1, what is your emergency?"

Caller - "hey, we need the police, somebody shooting out here at Regency Club."

9-1-1- -"At Regency Club?"

Caller - "Yeah, Regency Club, y'all need to come quick."

9-1-1 "Do you know who is doing the shooting?"

Caller- "I don't know who is doing the shooting. We were just sitting out on the porch, sitting out back. Just sitting out in the back and somebody just started shooting. The bullet went down and ricocheted off and hit us. They shooting out here, bad."

Albany Police say young people, gangs, firing guns for fun or to kill, have to be stopped. Those guns taken out of their hands.

Albany Police want your help to keep guns away from gangs and young people. They say parents need to take the lead, and check to make sure your child is not part of the crime problem. Police say parents are too often the last ones to know their kids are involved in gangs.

In Georgia you have to be 21-years old to legally own a handgun and 18 to own a rifle or shotgun.

A first offense is a misdemeanor, but any repeat gun possession would be a felony.

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