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Bobs Candies one year later

June 5, 2003

Albany -- It's been a little over one year since Bobs Candies shocked Albany, announcing they were laying off their employees and closing their plant. Bob's Candies was not only able to save their family business.

One year later they are having one of their best year's in company history.

At the All Candy Expo in Chicago, Bobs Candies showed off their new look packages. President Greg McCormack was very happy with the response from the buyers. McCormack said "Our customers just thought it was great. And it shows we are moving forward and not dwelling on what we have done in the past."

May 10th, 2002 McCormack announced that the 83 year old Candy maker was shutting down it's Albany plant, because of financing debt the company had. They laid off nearly 300 employees. But with community and state backing Bobs Candies returned to production 3 weeks later.

Today the future looks bright. McCormack said "Things are really going well with us. I still hear rumors of our eminent demise, but nothing could be further from the truth. We're having one of our best years in company history."

Bobs Candies now employs 260 people in Albany, but made changes to streamline their operation. McCormack said "We went through some tough changes,and we are a leaner, and I guess, meaner organization in terms we can operate a lot more efficiently than we could two years ago. The productivity levels in the plant are 20 percent higher than they were this time last year."

One of Albany's top 15 employers, just the payroll for employees has an 18 million dollar impact on the local economy. Ben Jones has worked at Bobs for 27 years on the production line. Jones said "The company has gotten leaner,but production is better. We are doing more and better with less, so things have changed a lot."

One year later Bobs Candies is still fighting back from their financial problems, but say they have learned a lot that will benefit the company's future.

 Bobs Candies also operates a second plant in Mexico. Together they produce 150-thousand pounds of candy a day.

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