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More Albany stores busted for underage sales

June 5, 2003

Albany -- Dougherty County law enforcement held another check of stores last weekend, to see which clerks would sell alcohol to underage buyers. The undercover officers bought booze at 35 percent of the stores.

17 stores sold alcohol to undercover officers May 30 and 31st. District Attorney Ken Hodges and Dougherty County law enforcement heads say they are happy more stores did check I.D.'s and refuse sales. But the clerks who did sell to the underage officers are being arrested and charged with sale of alcohol to minors.

Hodges said "All you've got to do is talk to the victim of a vehicular homicide due to underage drinking to understand why this is so important. And if we save just one life this is worth it."

Hodges says his office has still not determined if any of the clerks busted last weekend had been caught in previous undercover operations.

He said he will ask for jail time if the clerks are found guilty of illegal sales.

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